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Printed & animated poster

A poster design for the 2015 Souk@Sat in Montreal, a “bazaar organized in a loft-style space, where one can find a multitude of contemporary creations by Montrealers”. The client was looking for a surreal image of a floating structure that would also invoke a social hub.

Illustration & Animation: Nicolas Ménard
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Studio Pilote

Broken Clocks



Stereo pop

Looping Animations for Projection

I was commissioned by Stereo pop (a French-Canadian TV show airing on Radio-Canada) to deliver a series of looping animations for a singer's performance on stage.

Design & Direction: Nicolas Ménard
Animation: Anne-Lou Erambert, Nicolas Ménard
3D Modeling: Dara Cazamea

People, Misunderstandings & Furniture

Personal Work

Confusion with furniture, heartfelt camaraderie, thinking cylinders and other human studies.

Tourist's Illuminate

Music Video

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In 1992, a man receives love letters in Korean. Since Google Translate doesn't exist yet, he's left confused. What could this mean? The aesthetic was influenced by retro video games X (Gameboy) and The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner (NES). Have a look at the accompanying Tumblr here.

Production Company: Nexus
Producer: Beccy McCray
Direction and Design: Nicolas Ménard
Full credits on Vimeo

Car Men


Exploring the relationship between men and car, car and men, men and men.

Le Petit Néant


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Le Petit Néant is a magazine celebrating the art of drawing and is curated and edited by Miguel Angel Valdivia. This animated promo invites artists to submit their work for the second issue...

Direction, Animation & Sound: Nicolas Ménard
Commissioned by: Miguel Angel Valdivia

The End


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